A Celebration of Freedoms

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Same sex marriage is an ongoing and heated debate in America. Many states face the issue daily in legislature, and eventually in the courtrooms as well. In the interest of civil liberties and the rights of each individual the question being asked is, “Should the traditional laws of marriage be broadened to add gay unions?” Churches are torn apart with the influx of new denominations and ministers who support and encourage gay parishioners. Some are struggling to hold onto old values and standards of living, while others are standing by waiting to be allowed to celebrate life with their loved ones. Consequently it is disturbing to discover that there are some lawmakers who are blocking gay rights, and being outed as homosexuals themselves. As our view of life changes and grows with the times, we often face hard decisions regarding civil liberties. The claim of the U.S. Constitution is the protection and enforcement of our rights as American citizens. Nowhere in this historical document does it specify heterosexual citizens only. Several laws have come into creation to protect the rights of gay citizens because of events that precluded those laws, thus deeming them necessary. The outcry at this time is to make same sex marriage legal and to perhaps prevent further deterrents to those rights. In an article from Soul Source, a grassroots organization in favor of gay rights, they discuss these rights and what legalizing same sex marriage would do for couples. These liberties include; the rights of survivorship, inheritance, insurance, and joint income tax filing (Soul Source, par. 2). To date only five U.S. states recognize same sex marriage and nearly six allow some other form of domestic union. Of the remaining state... ... middle of paper ... ...a beautiful Jewish wedding, which consequently was performed by their rabbi, his son’s own aversion to things that are different and the lessons he taught him about accepting diversity in others. He wrapped up his eloquent speech with a simple question, "Why do we have to say you are different? Why can't we just say 'Congratulations?” (Gram). This solution seems to be so easy and human that anyone could do it. If people are so anxious to stay within the old traditional values in America, then perhaps they should remember what most mothers say to their children when they face diversity at one time or another. “If you cannot say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Gay marriage should not be a topic of debate in the United States, it should be celebrated in private by those involved and everyone else should just say congratulations or stay out of it.
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