A Case for Immigration Reform in the United States

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Immigration is the movement of people from their homeland countries to live in another foreign country permanently. There are many reasons why people migrate. People migrate due to political or economic constraints within their countries. Other factors can be family reunions or simply, change of environment (Graham, 2008). Instability is current state in the racial and ethical makeup among the Americans. There are various large measures put in place by the Asians and the Latin Americans in respect to their large assorted of their cultural and phenotypic multiplicity. Despite their effects, there is the likely hood of those acts becoming blurred. This is because of the intermarriages and the increase of the high number of people with mixed ancestry practices (Laham, 2000). Description of the ethical and racial groups among the Americans is referred as kaleidoscopic because of the already given descriptions and interpretations related to the cultural practices. A group was predicted a new expected future result that they named as the browning of the Americans. This culture was believed to result due to the blurring state of the cultural practices of the Americans because of immigrations. Other people suggested that soon would result a new racial group that would arise due to the divisions that may occur. This would result to migrate who had no limited socialization levels with the white populations. Racial segregation was a rampant act since there were groups that were referred to be minor because majority of them were blacks. Many conflicts arose. This was because of the differences in ideology preposition and because of the ethnics; individualities were never regarded to be reciprocally exclusive (Graham, 2008). There are or... ... middle of paper ... ...sider the possible implications that dealt with, no action on immigrations on any effort that aimed at reclaiming the white house (Graham, 2008). References Bureau of National Affairs (Arlington, VA.). (1987). Immigration reform: A practical guide. Washington, D.C: Bureau of National Affairs. Graham, O. L. (2008). Immigration reform and America's unchosen future. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse. Laham, N. (2000). Ronald Reagan and the politics of immigration reform. Westport, Conn.: Praeger. Newton, L. (2008). Illegal, alien, or immigrant: The politics of immigration reform. New York: New York University Press. Orrenius, P. M., & Zavodny, M. (2010). Beside the golden door: U.S. immigration reform in a new era of globalization. Washington, D.C: AEI Press. Philip L.Martin. (1995). Immigration reform and U.S. agriculture. Oakland: Univ. of California.
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