A Case Study Of The Infection Of Homosexuality In Africa

Brendon Campbell, Student no. 213413521, Term W 2014, Section M
In recent years, the continent of Africa has become a prominent battle ground for human rights activism concerned with the persecution of homosexuals. Of the 78 countries worldwide where homosexuality is still explicitly illegal, 38 are in Africa alone. Despite emphatic appeals from Western governments and various human rights groups, countries such as Uganda and Nigeria have forged ahead with new anti-gay legislation, criminalizing it and enacting harsh punishments upon those who violate these laws—sometimes as lengthy a prison sentence as 14 years in Nigeria, and the possibility of life-imprisonment in Uganda. In many of these countries, primitive superstition and misinformation about such matters still pervades conventional wisdom. Homosexuality is often seen as a lifestyle choice that people willfully choose to adopt. A homosexual may also be looked upon as cursed, and therefore one to be shunned and avoided. African gays are maligned as defectors from traditional, often Christian values, and labeled a threat to society, trying to recruit and lure children into their ranks.
In Cameroon, Alice Nkom is a dedicated crusader of gay-rights. She is a 69 year-old lawyer, well past the traditional age of retirement, who has founded the Association for the Defense of Homosexuality, despite bureaucratic setbacks imposed by the Cameroonian government. She currently represents 8 imprisoned gay men in Cameroon jails and has been tirelessly campaigning for their release, as well as for the repeal of the laws which put them there. Gays in Cameroon can be arrested, detained, and jailed, even for mere suspicion of being a homosexual. Accusations a...

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...d evolved to survive, not to be an accurate instrument of scientific evaluation. We are liable to myriad perceptual biases and errors, many of which have made themselves manifest throughout history in nefarious ways. As we continue to become more enlightened about what it means to be human, we will undoubtedly stamp out more and more of these misconceptions about one another, hopefully reconciling ourselves to treat each other with a little more compassion and understanding.
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