A Case Study Of Ford's Company

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2.1.1 Supply Chain Standard Ford has determine their supply chain standard in order to achieve standard production procurement process. Ford Company have their incorporate Global Term and Condition. In term their term and condition that provided by Ford Company, suppliers need to follow the condition such as the guideline of social responsibility, Anti-Corruption Web-Guide outlines their prohibition of child labour, forced labour (including human trafficking), physical disciplinary abuse and any infraction of the law. In the Environmental regulation, such as Web-Guide sets out environmental requirements, including the elimination of materials of concern and increasing the use of sustainable materials whenever technically and economically feasible…show more content…
In the first stage, supplier need to create the roadmaps as a multi -year plan to increase the environmental performance through either greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or water use reduction. Stage 2, which is collect the baseline data whereby to enter into roadmap. In the stage 3, implement the practices and also report the reduction after implemented in the stage 4. For the final stage, list the best practices and give to Ford’s Company for implemented in their facilities. Other than that, other important thing to share the commitment towards their supplier that has been mentioned by Ford’s itself which are can share the responsibility of environmental and social. This share will improve the quality of information with continue the compliance and regulation. What Ford company share the commitment with their supplier one of them are provide their supplier with tools to build the capability, provided worksheets on emissions tracking and reporting and on code of conduct development, sharing training materials, as well as information and guidance on our compliance and training processes. Finally, Ford have share everything to their own supplier for achieve the goal in give benefit to both of them in the businesses context. In the Ford sustainable of supply chain, they also has highlighted their shared and commitments in the Aligned Business Framework (ABF) as…show more content…
Thus, it become as a best practices in developing sustainable supply chain. In this context, Ford the only one from the automotive industry in that group and have approximately 20 stakeholders in this invitation. Based on that, Ford are lead developers of an online portal of tools and resources that is designing to assist the business practices in embedding sustainability in supply chains. CSR Europe Automotive Working Group on the Supply Chain Sustainability Since 2011, Ford Company has been joined the CSR Europe Automotive with others seven automotive makers also joining this group. The goal of this group are to working in group. They are share the experiences and information about sustainable issues in the supply chain. From sharing the experience and information, they are gain the knowledge and develop the common tools, work together on the common project and also send the common message in the supply chain that concerning about sustainability’s of activities and requirements. Participate in several cross-industry organizations on the issue of conflict

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