A Case Study Of Enron, Corporate Governance And Business Ethics

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A case of USA
We have seen the collapse of the big corporations like Enron, Lehman brothers and WorldCom. They were billionaire companies but they faced bankruptcy due to the corruption and mismanagement. There are some important concepts that those companies were lacking, like CSR, corporate governance and Business ethics, (Taysir & Pazarcik, 2013). By this example, we can see the importance of CSR and Business ethics. As these two dimensions are very important in the business that is why we will try to explore these variables and will find the relationship in-between them. There is an increasing trend in the CSR in between 1900-2008 that can be clearly seen in the picture below
(Google Ngram, 2016)
We can also see the importance
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In this study positivism paradigm will be used because it the best method will the quantitative analysis. We will be using questionnaire in our study. The questionnaire includes two parts 1 for the Business ethics and other for the CSR. There are 11 questions on Business ethics and 10 questions on CSR. The questionnaires have been adopted from (Fatoki & Chiliya, 2012). The questinnaire is based on the likert scale as all the values ranges in between 1 to 5. We have used 50 questionnaires in our study and the respondents we have selected are different organizations in the US. There are independent and dependent variables in our study. We will check the relationship ion between the Business ethics and the…show more content…
By this, we can see the importance of the business-ethics on CSR respectively.
The conclusion
If we conclude then we can see that in the above discussion we have proved with our findings that there is very strong and positive relation in between business ethics and the CSR. There are many businesses in world, which do not follow any guidelines and do not spend even a dollar on the CSR. They do not know the importance of CSR. However, the business ethics is one of the integral parts in our business. If a business is looking for the profitability, they need to be fair enough.
We have seen the examples of WorldCom, Enron and Lehman brothers in the past that they miss communicate, they did fraud and they do no implement ethics in their business and what happens was they faced bankruptcy and everything was finished. Honesty is too much important in the businesses, the business ethics should not be ignored in any case as the study also showed the importance of it. This study can be very important for the businesspersons who are not implementing ethical behaviors in their business. For those who are not putting anything on CSR as this study shows the importance of both elements
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