A Case Study Of Audrey Shamblee's Case

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Foster parent, Audrey Shamblee, expressed that the bags which were observed in Earnest, Albert, and Timothy’s bedrooms are filled with items that will be placed in the trash receptacle. Ms. Shamblee expressed that she is caring for three teenage boys and refuse to clean their rooms for them. Ms. Shamblee indicated that the cable wires observed in the home are positioned out of Jade’s reach. As for the bathroom situation, Ms. Shamblee explained that they have documentation which depicts the repairs which were expected to occur in her apartment and are currently outstanding issue. Ms. Shamblee submitted several civil court documents which orders NYCHA to correct multiple concerns reported within Ms. Shamblee’s residence. Ms. Shamblee articulated that NYCHA was expected to make a visit to her home to address the issues on May 25th, 26th, and 27th of 2015 and they only took pictures of the concerns and left the apartment. As for the sink, there was a water leak on one side of the entire building resulting in the floor around the sink becoming weaker and the sink began…show more content…
Shamblee voiced that her home is not cluttered, but on occasions they wash clothes and various bags might be observed throughout the home. Ms. Shamblee said she was also in the process of cleaning her home when the agency made their last visit to her residence. Ms. Shamblee admitted to being arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Ms. Shamblee decided independently to inform all parties regarding her criminal court case. Ms. Shamblee said she was not using a controlled substance, but was in the vicinity when the police entered the building and took everyone who was present. Ms. Shamblee reported showing the police officers what she smoked which is a smaller version of a cigar, but she was arrested anyway because the aroma of marijuana was present in the building. Ms. Shamblee stated that there were other individuals in the lobby who possibly were smoking marijuana, but not

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