A Case For Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a positive technology in agriculture that receives a lot of criticism. In our society, GMOs have a reputation for being bad even though more evidence proves they are good. Many people don't know or are misinformed about GMOs. It is time to separate fact from fiction. Genetic engineering, also called bioengineering, inserts DNA from one plant into the DNA of another plant (Cobb 7). This transfers desirable traits from one plant to another plant that lacks that trait (Mather). Common methods of genetic engineering include genetic manipulation and recombinant DNA (Cobb 25). Genetic engineering can accomplish, in a much shorter time, what non-GMO plants struggle and/or can't do naturally (Reville). GMOs are in 70-85% of the food we consume (Dumais) and have been around since the early 1990's (Cobb 8).60-70% of all processed foods contain GMO ingredients (Van Montagu) This means you eat GMOs daily unless you grow or buy 100% organic foods (Mather). Genetically modified crops are grown on almost 150 million acres in the US (Conko). In 2010, 86% of all corn and 90% of all soybeans were of GMO varieties (Mather). Since then, the number has increased. GMOs are still controversial even though they undergo extensive research that proves there is no harm in GM products (Reville) Before GM foods can be used, they need to be carefully studied (Cobb 51) and if any threats are detected, the product is not sold (Dillard). People worry about the affects of GM products on their health. This has caused the USDA to establish a set of “complex, excessive, expensive, and sufficiently unjustified” testing and approvals that apply only to GMOs. (Conko) Similar things should undergo same regulations but this i... ... middle of paper ... ...: And His Battle to End World Hunger.Dallas: Durban House Publishing Company, Inc., 2006. Print. Mather, Robin. “The Threats from Genetically Modified Foods.” Mother Earth News. Apr/May 2012:42+. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 02 April 2014. Piller, Dan. “Drought-Tolerant Seeds on Way.” USA TODAY. 31 August 2012: p. B. 3. SIRS Issue Researcher. 27 March 2014. Reville, William. “Let's Open Our Minds and Mouths to GM Food.” Irish Times. 17 Oct. 2013: p 12. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 02 April 2014. Taylor, Peter. “Fixation on GM Foods Dangerous in the Long Run.” Waterloo Region Record. 31 Jan. 2014: p. A. 9. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 02. Apr. 2014. Van Montagu, Marc. “The Irrational Fear of GM Food.” Wall Street Journal. 23 Oct. 2013: A. 15. SIRS Issues Researcher.04 April 2014. World Almanac. Food and Nutrition. Milwaukee: World Almanac Library, 2004. Print.
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