A Carrer in Music Education

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My life goal is to earn a degree in Music Education with a Vocal and Chorus Concentration, become a church accompanist and own a music academy. This conclusion was not easy to obtain. For several years, I aimlessly strived for hopes and dreams of a blurry future. My high school years and now freshman year of college have served as a means to clarify my mission and goals in life.
After completing my ninth year of music study, I longed for a change in my career. Sitting through an hour lesson as a twelve year old, brought little excitement to my week. My music teacher, because she knew where such obstacles lead, strongly encouraged me to audition for an accompaniment opportunity in my church. Successfully completing the audition and receiving the job revitalized me and an unexplainably consistent amount of favor began to appear. A few weeks later, I opened my own private studio at age 13 with two students. In 2010, I was awarded “Most Dedicated Young Piano Teacher” by my teacher's district teaching association. After practicing with the choir and teaching my first 30-minute lesson, I knew I wanted to teach and direct for the rest of my life.
After finalizing my occupational goal, I noticed I was engrossed in life’s routine. With Homecoming activities approaching, my role as Student Council President increased to include more meetings and late nights preparing a fun filled week for the entire student body. My Advanced Placement classes seemed to intensify during this period and my students’ fall piano recitals neared. Bi-weekly meetings with my Girl Scout Troop and impending deadlines for the Yearbook cluttered my planner. On September 14, 2012, however, I was forced to slow down and analyze the meaning of my life when I was invol...

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...ranted. Now, I know that every second we are given is a blessing and is to be used to bring glory to God’s name.
The remaining scars from the accident serve as a daily reminder me of God’s unfailing grace and mercy and I am determined to use them as a tool for my ministry to equip students musically, but also, spiritually. The help of the CBC Spouses Education Scholarship will alleviate the burden of the numerous hidden costs of an education degree. Although Music Education majors are required to pay several fees before the semester starts, the costs of classroom supplies for student teaching, travel expenses, and the several certification examinations are not included. With the aid of the CBC Spouses Education Scholarship, I will have the means to complete my most important mission and goal: to share God’s love to as many people as possible through Music education.

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