A Career in the Social Science Field

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In this assignment, I will be exploring the possibilities and expectations in my career in the Social Science field and how the topics I have learned in this class will prepare me for my future. When graduate, I plan on becoming a Social Worker and my goal is to graduate with both a bachelors and master’s degree from UMUC. I believe that I will enjoy this area of work because I really take pleasure in encouraging people to do well. There are several technological competencies needed for social work such as using science research to gather, arrange, and decipher client’s distinct situations. Consequently, having the ability to empathize enables better client understanding and builds trust. Therefore, possessing the ability to analyze a client gives Social workers that advantage to utilize critical thinking skills and cultural knowledge to relate to their clients. (CSW) Some opportunities that are available for social workers are positions that can either be in an office setting or in a client’s home. Some social workers participate in clinical psychotherapy with individuals, community organizing, education, public health, case management, or crisis intervention. However, not all social workers deal with individuals and spend their time doing research on how to solve social problems. (Bonnie Walker) The typical job duties or functions required of a social worker are abundant. Social workers help their clients overcome numerous situations, and then attend to additional necessities their clients may need, and assist them in order to improve their lives. Therefore, they generally identify people who need help, find out what type of help they need, then implement a plan for success, and ensure that their client’s progress is a... ... middle of paper ... ...become a licensed social worker. At that time I will look for work that allows me to function either in an office setting of my client’s homes to fulfill their needs. Works Cited Bonnie Walker. (n.d.). Social worker career. Retrieved from http://www.alliedhealthworld.com/social-worker-jobs.html CSW. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.usi.edu/libarts/socialwork/docs/Ten-Core-Competencies-current.pdf McKay, D. R. (2014). career Planning. Retrieved from About.com: http://careerplanning.about.com/od/socialworker/tp/How-To-Become-A-Social-Worker.htm Occupational outlook handbook. (2014). Retrieved from Bureau Of Labor Statics: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/community-and-social-service/social-workers.htm#tab-2 What Skills Do I Need to Succeed in Social Work? (2014). Retrieved from College and degrees: http://www.collegesanddegrees.com/programs/social-work/skills

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they plan on becoming a social worker when they graduate from umuc. they believe they will enjoy this area of work because they take pleasure in encouraging people to do well.
  • Explains that social workers can work in an office setting or in a client's home. they help their clients overcome numerous situations, attend to additional necessities, and assist them in improving their lives.
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