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My occupation of choice is web designer, and I chose this because even though I don’t know everything about computers I am very fast at learning about them. It’s never too late to start this occupation and I know if I put time and effort into this I know I will love it and I can be good at it. As a web designer I will create and keep up with websites, including the layout, and function according to the client. (Web Developer) Web designing has really developed over time ever since the “World Wide Web” was created and it has visually improved as well as the speed and mobility. The requirements for this occupation vary with what kind of work that they do, they can range from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. Though some employers prefer to hire those who have more experience and at least a computer degree especially if they’re going to be involved with a websites appearance. (Web Designer Training) Web designers should have good skills in communicating with their clients and should be able to make a decent website that meets their clients’ criteria. They also need good coding skills, and be up to date with on new tools and computer languages. They have many tasks that include writing supporting code for web sites, design, build or maintain web sites, select programming languages, design tool, or applications, develop databases that support web applications and web sites, perform or direct web site updates, the list is practically endless. Companies that are willing to hire web designers include Go Media, Forty-Seven Media, Studio 7 Design, and 400 but that’s just a small amount compared to the long list. As I said before it’s not impossible to become a web designer and it’s never too late. To get more in dep...

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