A Career in Truck Driving

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A History of the Truck and Trucking Industry
Trucks of all varieties travel the roads, from flatbeds carrying large amounts across major highways to stylish glossy Peterbilts personal truck models from the middle of the 20th century. The truck has been engineered to meet its fullest potential in modern luxury SUV/pickup with touchscreen navigation, Sirius radio, and DVD players. Whether the bed of the truck is used for transporting things or not, the point of the need to carry goods connects every truck to a legacy that reaches even further back then the invention of the internal combustion engine. The modern history of the motorized truck parallels that of the car, and both are products of the twentieth century.
People have long used truck-like vehicles to transport goods, but as societies have changed, the need for better, more powerful ways of transportation has grown alongside the development of society. Improved vehicles require better means of movement, just as improved roads and movement among places has allowed for the development of better vehicles. The trucks of today fulfill many job descriptions, but their usage is solidly defined in the human consciousness: a truck is not mistaken for any other type of vehicle. From its early use as “a cart for carrying heavy loads” to the modern “motor vehicle for carrying heavy loads,” the word
Before motor trucks, railroads controlled inland transport of goods and services in the nineteenth century. The powerful railroad industry was the focus of technological innovation in an era when intermediate transportation needs were largely met by vehicles drawn by pack animals. Trains are quick and efficient but limited in their reach. The “flexibility of the horse” in transportation had n...

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... world depending on how the employers feel. Being in the Truck Driving Industry can be really enjoyable and exciting. Going to work can lead to experiments and lots of more stuff such as different states that someone always have wanted to see and go.

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