A Career in Radiology

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Radiology has been around for a very long time. The first traces of anything to do with radiology appear in February 22, 1890. At the University of Pennsylvania in a physics lab Professor Arthur Willis Goodspeed began demonstrating the properties of a Crookes cathode ray tube to a photographer William Jennings. (DiSantis, 2013). Jennings stacked several unexposed photographic plates on top of which were two coins. After the plates were exposed to the cathode ray energy, Jennings developed them some were mysteriously fogged, and one displayed two peculiar disk shaped shadows. (2013). Neither Jennings or Goodspeed could explain the occurrence so the plates were forgotten and filed away for 6 years. Until rediscovered by Wilhelm Roentgen. (2013). After Roentgen’s rediscovery Goodspeed and Jennings recreated the setting of the previous incident to grasp the magnitude of the observation they failed to make. They then discovered that the disks were in fact the coins and they showed up after the film was exposed to the cathode ray energy. While Goodspeed claimed “no credit for the interesting accident,” he also said “without doubt, the first Roentgen picture was produced on February 22, 1890…[at] the University of Pennsylvania.” (2013) Roentgen received credit for the first European x-ray. The first intentional American radiograph was performed by Arthur Wright of the Yale Physics Department on January 27, 1896 80 days after the discovery of x-rays by Roentgen. (DiSantis, 2013). Wright placed cardboard-covered photographic paper beneath a cathode ray tube. On top he placed a pencil, a pair of scissors, and a quarter. Using a lengthy exposure of 15 minutes, he obtained “a very clear representation of the objects.” (2013). The first c... ... middle of paper ... ...iologic-technologists.htm#tab-4 Decker, F. (2013). Radiology-Related Jobs. Retrieved November 30th, 2013, from, work.chron.com/radiologyrelated-jobs-9991.html. DiSantis, D. (May 22, 1986). History of Radiology. Retrieved November 10th, 2013, from www.ajronline.org/doi/pdf/10.2214/ajr.147.4.850. Hamner, L. (2013). Radiologists education requirements, training, and career info. Retrieved November 19th, 2013, from, education-portal.com/radiologist_education.html Monster.com. (2013). Radiological Technologists sample job description. Retrieved November 18th, 2013, from, hiring.monster.com/hr/hr-best-practices/recruiting-hiring-advice/job-descriptions/radiologic-technologist-jobs-description.aspx Sapko, M. (2013). How to become a Radiologist. Retrieved November 9th, 2013, from, www.innerbody.com/careers-in-health/how-to-become-a-radiologist.html
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