A Career in Physical Therapy

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A soldier who is hit by an improvised explosive device while on a mission and loses a leg, an athlete who breaks a bone during the big game, and a child who is born with a deformity that makes it difficult for them to walk, all have something in common. Each of these situations and many others require a Doctor of Physical Therapy to help them be able to recover from these problems. Not only can a Doctor of Physical Therapy help people that are in need, they are well compensated for it. There will always be a need for physical therapists, making this an ideal position to go into in this time of economic instability.

As a military spouse I have seen what many soldiers go through after being hit with an improvised explosive device. My husband was originally stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, where he deployed twice. The Army has one of the largest hospitals specializing in physical therapy known as the Walter Reed National Medical Center. There are branches all over the nation, including one at Fort Hood. Here soldiers learn how to walk, run, stand, and use their arms and hands again after having debilitating injuries to their legs and arms. Many end up with prosthetics due to the severity of injuries, and the ones who do not, end up having to change the way they used to do things while dealing with constant pain. I have always wanted to find a way to give back to these brave men and women, and have also always wanted to find a way to ease the suffering of others. After visiting the center as a volunteer I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people recover after traumatic experiences. I know because of my own personal battle with Fibromyalgia, a workout routine that is specifically designed to benefit me and...

... middle of paper ... fellowship program or a clinical residency. While doing this one would be actively practicing, but they would still be under the supervision of a more practiced DPT. There are also Specialty Certifications which allows Doctors of Physiotherapy to become board-certified clinical specialists which allows a DPT to be able to offer better help to a more select client base. As such, there is never an end to the education one can get in this field, allowing one to always improve themselves and what they know.

I have always wanted to find a way to help people. Choosing this profession for myself will give me that ability. I will be able to help people that have been in my situation regain their ability to live a more normal life. I will also be able to support my family on the income that I could get from this career.
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