A Career as an Athletic Trainer

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My career is an athletic trainer. I love athletic, sports, and being active. Being a coach has been my dream, but if that doesn’t fall through this is my second choice. While being a trainer I get to help athletes with their health. Sports are my favorite thing to do, my hobby. Being an athletic trainer helps me do everything I want to do. Be with kids, or athletes, and sports. I love having an impact in people’s life being a trainer you would have a big impact in people’s lives you would help them get back on their feet. People would remember you putting time to make them better. I remember out trainer giving me rehab for my knee. Without him I would not be able to do the thing I love, basketball. That’s the way I want people to think of me Training was found in 1950 by a group of people who had hobbies of training. They meet and talked about their passion. This group became known as the National Athletic Training Association (NATA). The NATA headquarters is in Dallas, TX. It has more than 35,000 members today. NATA help people who want to support Athletic training profession. The NATA helps people get into training. They are an association that trainers join. They are like the teachers education association. They help you find a collage with the best athletic training classes. Becoming a trainer puts you in the NATA program. It’s not easy to get together and make an organization. The people who gathered really had a passion for training Today more than thirty-five thousand members worldwide are a part of the NATA. There are also many more who are joining. There are many hall of fame people in the Athletic Training profession. James A. Wilson, Gordon Stoddard, Gail Weldon, Mark J. Smaha, and many more. Many of these people hav... ... middle of paper ... ...s achieve their goals. Training would be my plan B. Training Is a lot of work and a lot of moving and I like to move a go but I really want to be a coach. Being a trainer you have to work with the bones which involves science. Science is my least favorite subject. So I do not want to have to take a science education class or learning about the full body. I just want to be involved with kids and help them get better. So after I did research over becoming an athletic trainer. I do not really want to be a trainer unless that my only choice. So my plan A is a coach and my plan B is an athletic trainer. Changing from an athletic coach to an athletic trainer would not be that heard because they would all be about the same classes. So my final answer to if I want to be an athletic trainer after researching is a no unless my athletic coaching career doesn’t fall through.
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