A Career as a Registered Nurse

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“Being a nurse means that an individual will never be bored, always frustrated, be surrounded by challenges, will carry immense responsibility and little authority. They do make a difference, some will bless you, cure you. They see people at their worst and at their best, they never cease to be amazed at people’s capacity for love, courage, and endurance. They see life begin and also end, they have experience resounding triumphs and devastating failures. They cry alot and they laugh alot, they have the most rewarding job in the world” (“nursebuff”). Nursing is a career that provides you with the support, encouragement from others. The nursing field has been around for along time because during the wars. Mainly because they needed people to help take care of the wounded soldiers. One of the reason that high school aged students research careers now is that when students graduate they have an idea of what career they are wanting to go into. High school aged students should consider the career of being a registered nurse because of the amazing job opportunities that this job offers. Some of these job opportunities are varied duties, reasonable education and training, the salary range and benefits, and also the excellent job outlook.
One reason to consider being a registered nurse as a career is because individuals work closely with patients. These individuals “help administer medicines and treatments to patients. But these individuals also record and set up medical plans for patients” (“BLS”). These duties will help these individuals become a better nurse and will even help them become more self confident and also self reliant. “Nurses dispense comfort, care, and caring without a perscription” (“nursingschools”).Many people thin...

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...should consider nursing a career because of the excellent job outlook and how there will alway be a job in the medical field because people are always getting sick.

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