A Career as a Medical Assistant

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My chosen degree program is Associates of Applied Science in Medical Assisting at Kaplan University. I am currently a online student. I have been doing some research of my program and I have came up with a lot of very interesting facts. First the median salary for a Medical Assistant is $28,860 per year that is about $13.87 a hour, that was in May 2010. There could be opportunities it maybe higher, For example, the experience you may have, or the facility you are working in, and even the level of the education that you have (/www. .bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/medical-assistants.htm).

From my online research I have noticed there is a high demand for Medical Assistant mostly everywhere. With the growing population of people, There is always a demand for medical staff. Unforunitly people get sick and they need help. The medical assistants are very important along with the doctors. Medical assistants provide accurate information for the doctor so they can provide the best care for the patient (www.unadug.net).

There are a couple different degrees for medical assists. First, there i...
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