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From the moment you first decide to be a nurse, you become apart of an important population in the healthcare industry. When you choose a career in nursing you are hopefully deciding to join this with a passion. You must be prepared for births, patient deaths, and illnesses. A nurse has to be mentally prepared for all kinds of situations and all kinds of emotions that are associated with their work. Out of all the work and sometimes stresses of being a nurse you have to be able to care. A nurse commits his or herself to care for others no matter how long it takes. Nursing is not a 9 to 5 job; nursing is a lifestyle.

In the nursing field you have many specialties to choose from and care for people of all ages. Registered nurses get job opportunities …show more content…

A nurse observes, assess, and records symptoms in patients. RNs not only medicate but they create plans for recovery and instruct people on how to take steps to improve and maintain their health. They even hold group discussions sometimes instructing family on how to deliver proper health care to relatives. Nurses are very valued in the health care system because it is there job to help heal, cure, and provide comfort without surgical tools. Nurses have to create an environment that promotes healthy recovery for their patients.

Before choosing to become a nurse, you have to see if you have the right qualities and characteristics. To be a nurse you need to be caring, compassionate, and have a desire to want to help those that are in need. When asked; why she wanted to join nursing, Registered Nurse Wyona exclaimed “I’ve always loved nursing, the thought of being a supporter and caregiver makes me feel good! It feels good being there for someone who 's sick or just needs small treatment.” That’s the basic principle of nursing providing care. Which is why I want to be a nurse; I like caring for and helping …show more content…

Insurance is the most common; nurses get coverage for medical, dental and vision treatments. Retirement savings are available through 401(k) and 403(b) plans. Nurses receive paid vacations, paid holidays, sick days and personal time off. Although nurses get good benefits and high salaries many nurses have different opinions about their job.

Every career has a downside no matter what profession it is and nursing is one. There will be times when you are short staffed or get an increase in new patients to treat. At times you will witness sad or tragic situations. Patients do not all make it, and watching someone die can be tough. You sometimes have to work holidays, nights and weekends. Many people find out that when they join nursing that it is not a regular 9-5 job Monday through Friday. Nurses who work in hospitals and nursing homes are needed around the clock.

Nursing is the biggest growing occupation in the United States. Nurses form the largest group of professionals employed in the healthcare industry, and nursing is the largest career field today, it is projected to have the largest number of new jobs (ICR4). People all across the world will always need nurses and that need will only continue to grow over the years while I am in

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  • Explains that a nurse becomes part of an important population in the healthcare industry. nurses must be mentally prepared for all kinds of situations and emotions associated with their work.
  • Explains that registered nurses have many specialties to choose from and care for people of all ages. many rns specialize in pediatrics, oncology or surgery.
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