A Career: The Career Of Civil Engineering

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The world is always expanding and growing. Since the beginning of time, people have relied on buildings and roads to support them in some way. Whether they are complex or simple, they are necessary in everyday life. Society’s constant need for growth is what makes civil engineering a unique career path. The world would be under-developed and it would be difficult for today’s society to function without the technology and knowledge in this industry. When researching the career of civil engineering, it is important to detail the history, skills, and education and positive and negative aspects of the profession. The profession of civil engineering originates along way back time. It is dated way back between 4000 and 2000 B.C. in ancient…show more content…
So someone could be promoted and have several job titles. Which that also means comes several opportunities to increase pay. The average annual salary for civil engineers as of 2012 was $84,140. The top 10 percent made at least $122,020 (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). Another positive aspect of civil engineering is it’s a high demand job. That means engineering firms and construction companies are always going to need civil engineers as their jobs are very important to communities. There are many environmental factors involved with engineering and having civil engineers in the company is very important to a company’s reputation and success. Although there is many positive aspects, there also comes the negative aspects. Civil engineers have very busy schedules during the work week. Many engineers work at least 40 hours a week, and some work more than that. Consequently, that many hours can drain employees and keep them away from their families at times. Also, a good portion of the day engineers spend traveling to several different job sites. With a tough schedule, comes a very stressful atmosphere at times. Engineers must meet deadlines on their projects (Pros and Cons of Civil Engineering). The failure of meeting deadlines means a loss of work, and if it becomes a repeating offense, then an engineer could be fired. Some people like the pressure that comes along with meeting deadlines and working long
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