A Career: The Career Of A High School Teacher

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Career Paper: High School Teacher
In the following paper, the profession of a certified high school teacher will be explained along with an explanation of the career path and requirements needed. The perks and benefits of being a high school teacher will also be discussed.
What Is It?
High school teachers are individuals who work for schools and instruct students on typically one subject. Teachers also have the opportunity to coach sports as well such as baseball, soccer, golf, basketball, etc. Teacher’s schedules vary depending on how many subjects he or she teaches and what after school activities they participate. As for a teacher who is also a coach, their day would generally consist of practices during the morning, teaching anywhere
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Not only will this career give me a feeling of self-satisfaction knowing that I achieved my goal, but I will also get a self-rewarding feeling knowing that I am helping younger people learn and continue their education. I feel that I will enjoy being a mentor to young adults and can help make a positive difference in their lives which would ultimately be my main goal. Though being a teacher is primarily about teaching and guiding students in the right direction, I would also like to have the opportunity to coach high school basketball and continue to be a part of a sport that I have always loved. I hope to be a successful coach as well and teach students new things about the sport and incorporate life lessons along the way. Teach is a very self-fulfilling job and will leave me free during the holidays and summers to spend with my family and take nice vacations. Although teachers are under appreciated and do not make the income of someone such as a doctor or nurse, a teacher’s salary will be enough to maintain a modest lifestyle and take nice vacation. Though teachers start off making around $55,000, it is possible to work your way up the ladder and make a significant amount of money. I believe I will be a fantastic teacher due to my strong interpersonal skills and love for helping others and making a difference in people’s
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