A Career Of Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapist General Info o PTs earned an average salary of $85,400 in 2016. o In 2014, they held about 211,000 jobs. o Most physical therapists work full-time, but about 20% have part-time positions. o Jobs are usually in physical therapy practices or hospitals. Home health care agencies and nursing and residential care facilities are also frequently employers of physical therapist Skills Required • Dexterity: The ability to use your hands will allow you to perform manual therapy on your patients. • Physical Stamina: As a PT you will have to spend a lot of time on your feet and move around a lot. Not only should you be physically fit, but you must also enjoy physical activity. • Compassion: If you don't have a strong desire to help people, this isn't the career for you. You must be compassionate toward your patients, who might be in a lot of pain. • Interpersonal Skills: You will have to establish rapport with your patients, read their body language, and convince them to do the exercises you prescribe. • Communication Skills: In addition to excellent interpersonal skills, your listening and speaking skills must be superb. They will allow you to understand what your patients tell you and convey relevant information to them. • Analytical and Observational Skills: These two skills will enable you to diagnose patients' problems and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment you administer. • Reading Comprehension: You must be able to understand written instructions from physicians and other healthcare professionals. Why I Chose Physical Therapy Pros • Meaningful work • Flexible setting • High demand job • Large array of clients • Demand for PT’s will only increase Cons • Long hours • High education required • Student Debt ... ... middle of paper ... ...ancing employee health, improving safety, and increasing productivity in the workplace. This would involve working with clients to improve their everyday activities. Home Health care Physical therapy services are provided to individuals in a home setting rather than in a medical facility. This could involve a large amount of traveling to clients homes, which is a negative. My choice – Private or wellness. First discovered physical therapy when it was mentioned to me by one of my teachers at NJC as they thought I would enjoy working in the industry, since than I have thought about it and realized it is a career I would contemplate. Ideal Work Setting Wellness, as this entails working with people that are in need of help, and would make every patient that I would help satisfactory knowing I’m helping someone that is in need and making a difference in their lives.

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