A Career Narrative Of A Pediatric Nurse

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Career Narrative Children get sick and hurt every day and it doesn’t matter where they go they are always seen by a pediatric nurse. I became interested in Nursing from my mom. I remember watching her study when I was a kid, and helping her practice for clinicals. As I got older I became interested in different branches of nursing, which is where I came upon Pediatric Nursing. I know that I will love working with children, and learning what makes them laugh. “The opportunities for growth and advancement in this company are growing day by day” (McGognile) I hope to have new opportunities and to learn new things through this career. There are about 200,000 currently employed Pediatric Nurses in the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2024, the field will grow by 35 percent, opening about 44,700 new positions. This growth rate is five times the national average for occupations, making job security for Pediatric Nursing very good. These nurses can work in Doctors’ Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Surgical Centers, and any other health care settings. Children may be treated in acute care departments, such as neonatal, Pediatric critical care unit, and pediatric oncology ward. Mostly Pediatric Nurses will be working closely with a physician who also specializes in pediatrics. “This job isn’t for everyone there’s a 30% dropout rate around the time you’re doing clinicals in PEDS” (American Association of Nurses) . Working with children who are sick can be emotionally draining it’s important to take good care of yourself if this is the profession you decide to go in. Pediatric Nurses can earn from $55,000 to $88,550 a year, depending on your level of education, experience and location this number could vary. Experienced... ... middle of paper ... ...sses throughout my four years of High School. Once I’ve taken the required classes, I’ll go into strictly nursing classes and do all my clinical hours before I Graduate. I will be certified as an RN and take the national NCLEX-RN exam. Then I’ll work in a hospital for a while, taking other classes to further me in Pediatric Nursing specifically. I hope to find a job that I can work at for a constant amount of time, and then maybe try to move up to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. The main drawback in this job for me is to just manage stress, you never know how stressful this job will be until you jump right into it. This is a very difficult job to do and if you crack under pressure or can’t handle a situation your patient’s life is at risk. So, anyone who is wanting to go into this field really needs to think about their limits and what exactly this job entails.

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