A Career For The Physician Assistant (PA) Field

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I have chosen the Physician Assistant career as my profession. I have always been fascinated by healthcare and grew up with several different types of medical professionals in my family. The Physician Assistant (PA) field is a fairly new career, when in comparison to nursing or practicing physicians. This program was created in 1965, and its first graduate class was in 1967 from Duke University (American Academy of PAs). The Physician Assistant degree is a two year Master’s degree, offered multitude of colleges across the nation. (American Academy of PAs) This field was created, as there was a gap in the physician shortage in the healthcare system. (American Academy of PAs). This gap has now been filled by PA’s. A physician assistant can do everything a physician can do, under the management of a doctor. Currently, many primary care facilities are being run by one sole physician and several physician assistants all working together as medical providers. I chose this profession, because I want to be a high level provider. The idea of going to medical school is cost and time prohibitive for…show more content…
A bachelor degree is required along with prior healthcare experience (United States Department of Labor, 2015). Once completing the graduate program of your choice for this degree, you are eligible to sit for the PANCE, the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination. This exam, while extensive and intense is the only manner in which to become a licensed Physician Assistant. I believe this additional exam, on top of the grueling Master’s program, is what makes this such a competitive program. Students need to have a strong science background, so most applicants have undergraduate degrees in a field of science or healthcare. Once you become a licensed PA, you must complete 100 hours of continual education requirements to keep your certification current (United States Department of Labor,

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