A Career For Physical Therapy

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For as long as I could remember, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the field of physical therapy. Everything about the human body is captivating from the way it works to its powerful ability to heal itself. To many people, the field of physical therapy involves using exercise to aid in the restoration of physical function in patients, but to me, it means so much more. One reason as to why the field of physical therapy peeked my interests is because it combines my keen curiosity for the human body and all its fascinating capabilities, physical exercise and the compassion to help others. In recent years, several events occurred that have helped inspire me to become a physical therapist. My first experience with physical therapy occurred when I was fourteen years old, I witnessed my brother fracture his ankle in two places while participating in a high school football game. My brother’s injury required nearly two months of physical therapy, during that second month I received the opportunity to sit in a few of his therapy sessions. While attending those sessions I was able to observe as the therapist worked diligently to help restore his muscular strength, gait, and the skills he needed to successfully perform his sport. As I watched the therapist interact with each patient, including my brother, I was amazed at the approach that he used with each injury. It was interesting to see how the therapist was able to merely palpate the injury and he knew exactly what to do and how to treat the patient. Little did I know that as I sat there observing, this first experience would aid in my overall desire and drive to one day become a physical therapist. Upon my quest to become a physical therapist, I enrolled at the Universi... ... middle of paper ... ...apy stems from my profound curiosity of the human body. I am infatuated with the overall mechanics of the human body, and its ability to perform such actions. Similar to the human body I too am unique and possess great skills, and just like the body I am far from perfect, but I am confident that I possess the ability to succeed in this program as well as this field. To reach success, one must possess the ambition and desire to accomplish their lifelong goals and dreams, granted that the path to success will be full of hardships. I choose to apply at the University of St. Augustine because I feel that this program will aid in the pursuit of my career goal of becoming a licensed physical therapist. As previously stated, success is not warranted by chance, it must be earned, and I do believe that I possess the drive, ambition, and competency to succeed in this program.

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