A Career For Physical Therapy

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The profession I plan to pursue after graduation is Physical Therapy. Physical Therapist are clinicians who work in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, orthopedic institutes, and nursing homes to name a few. These highly skill professionals diagnose and treat folks who have medical problems, athletic injuries, or other deteriorating health conditions involving their musculoskeletal system. Patients are sent to physical therapists in order to get "hands on" on care for their conditions. In order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, physical therapists exercise prevention techniques with their patients. These techniques could include developing fitness exercises and wellness programs that can be consistently followed by their patients. As I grew older, I developed an attraction towards sports medicine/rehabilitation which could be exemplified by my profession of choice. Physical Therapists are able to combine health with athletes involved in sports, a niche I could definitely see myself in the future. This interesting career has an assortment of responsibilities. One responsibility is to diagnose the individual. In order to identify the problem, a therapist must assess the patient's range of motion through a few tests. For example if a patient has lower back pain, a therapist will perform lower extremity exercises. Exercises such as squats, side lunges, and hamstring exercises will help involve your lower back. Rehabilitation with patients can take place in clinical settings as well as a variety of other settings such as a professional sports team. According to the Physical Therapist who spoke in class, there are seven core values of physical therapy. One core value is accountability, defined as an "active acce... ... middle of paper ... ...hool in the same city as undergraduate would be a financially smart decision. However, I am more infatuated with PT schools in the bigger cities. The Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Physical therapy would be an ideal school for me. The school is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is a top caliber research school in the U.S. Getting into this school would be a high achievement, and an honorable recognition. In the next year I will visit at least two of the schools on the list in order to gain more perspective on that particular school. Overall, the speaker we had for the physical therapy lecture was insightful. One of the main things he stated was that their are jobs and opportunities everywhere. The career is growing each year, and is in high demand. It was also great to know that your future career has the highest percent of job satisfaction.
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