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A career in psychology is one that offers a wide variety of paths in which you can pursuit it. When one decides that they want to accomplish a degree in psychology, the next step is to decide what specific path you are willing to take. In the beginning we might feel overwhelmed, unsure and scared by having all these choices, and not knowing which one to turn to, or if were even making the right choice. Exploring the different paths in the career can help us narrow down the alternatives that we are exposed to. I have decided to major in psychology and work in a field with kids, and have decided to explore the following jobs in the field of psychology: clinical psychology, developmental psychology, and behavioral psychology. Doing research and…show more content…
This may include physical, mental, emotional, and social changes in ones lives. These changes usually come with milestones, which describe an important event in a person’s life. Even though, the most noticeable milestones occur in our childhood and adolescence, adults also go through a series of turning points during their lives. This job is useful to help us understand how a person grows, develops, and ages at different stages in their life. Most people develop or reach a certain milestone at specific ages. For example when a toddler starts to sit, crawl, and walk they have a certain age in which they begin to do it. If any of these don’t occur within that certain age range then the toddler needs to be evaluated in a closer manner. Developmental psychologists generally specialize in certain ages or stages, and with this their responsibilities vary. Taking this information into consideration allows a developmental psychologist to evaluate a person, and determine whether he is on track or not. If a person has not reached their milestone when they should, then the psychologist can determine if a person has a developmental disability. Developmental psychologists have the opportunity to work at hospitals and mental…show more content…
First of all I need to say that all of the jobs need a lot of responsibility and commitment in order to be done, but at the same time they also seem very interesting to do. One of the most interesting things that I found in the job of a developmental psychologist is how they are exposed to all of these changes that we go through as humans, and I can image how this field has always something new to work with, because of the fact that there is so many changes that an individual can undergo. While the job of a clinical psychologist seems more exposed to even more disorders, and their function is to specifically diagnose and try to treat them. They can also have someone come in their office and their job is to listen to them when they are going through rough times. As a behavioral psychologist you have a question that you try to answer as you work with a patient, and that is what is causing this person’s behavior? Once you have an idea of what is fueling these person’s actions they try to work with the person, and find a solution. During the research the careers of a behavioral and clinical psychologist seemed similar, but I made the decision to pursue the path of a clinical psychologist. I like the idea of diagnosing patients and treating them. I can picture

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