A Career As An Actuary

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What Is an Actuary? Kw: what is an actuary Meta: When it comes to math-related jobs, being an actuary can be a rewarding, enjoyable career choice. Find out the answer to, “What is an actuary?” The main job of an actuary is to manage risk. Using analytical skills, they help organizations protect themselves from losses and think about the future. By looking at risk, the actuary can help ensure the financial stability of a company or a society. This ensures that retirees can invest confidently and helps corporations to grow. If you are unfamiliar with this career choice, you may still wonder: what is an actuary? What Is an Actuary? Working as an actuary can be extremely desirable. Many people are initially attracted to this career choice…show more content…
What Is an Actuary for? An actuary is essentially a kind of business professional. They specialize in analyzing the risk and consequences associated with each decision. To do this job well, individuals must understand financial theories, math and statistics. These analytic tools help the actuary to predict how likely a certain event is to happen. This type of risk assessment is often used by insurance companies, pension programs, employee benefits departments, hospitals, banks, financial institutions and the government. How Do You Become an Actuary? To be an actuary, you have to be an associate an then a fellow in a professional society of actuaries. To do this, you take a series of exams that are offered by the society. The largest of these groups is the Society of Actuaries (SOA). This group is for actuaries who work with employee benefits, life insurance, pensions and health insurances. You could also be a part of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). This group is for actuaries who work in liability insurance, automobile insurances, workers' compensation and fire insurance. If you want to work with pension plans, you can join the American Society of Pension

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