A Career As A Registered Nurse In Nursing

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A registered nurse, also referred to as a RN, is a nurse that provides patient care and educates patients and the public about different health conditions and gives advice and emotional support to patients and their family members (USBL). The majority of registered nurse’s I see and hear of today work as staff nurses in hospitals, as I would like to be a RN at WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh NC. I have chosen this career because I have always enjoyed helping those in need and when my parents get older, I want to be able to care for them properly. A nurse’s job can and will be very difficult come days, and other days may be simple. Me being a nurse, I would want patients who can be cooperative and understanding that I will have more than one patient to care for so, I may not be able to deliver things to them as fast as they would prefer. I understand it’s a hard job and requires a lot of patience, but once I get started on the job I will get used to everything. I have chosen this field to study in because nurses will always be needed, so I will continue to have an opportunity to get a job as a nurse. Some things in this field are not always guaranteed but I can only accept what is offered to me. Registered nurses have various duties to complete each work day. Some of these duties that I specifically know is that they have to care for the patient for whatever reason they may be in the hospital. They care for these patients by making sure their vital signs, like blood pressure, heart and respiratory, and oxygen rates are at an appropriate level. They also have to administer not only the right medication but the right amount. Along with monitoring all the equipment and intravenous fluids. When your shift ends, you have to be sure to gi... ... middle of paper ... ... try to give them. If it is time for their bath but they refuse it, even though it’s been two to three days, you’re not allowed to give them a bath. There’s usually two different kinds of patients and their families. Either they’ve been through this before and know what you’re going to give them and how often you’re going to care for them, or the patient will need you to help them with every little thing they do because they are scared. After evaluating a registered nurse, I have realized that there can be a lot more obstacles to get through to not only become a nurse, but also after you are hired as one. I still think this is a very good job for me because my mind has been set on becoming a nurse for many years now. Although I will most likely continue my education a few years after I work in a hospital, for now I am only going for my associates degree in nursing.
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