A Career As A Registered Nurse

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I am interested in pursuing a career as a registered nurse. I’m considering this field because I want to help and comfort others when they are ill. What appeals to me the most with this job is that I will never get bored of it. Everyday new things happen at a hospital and different cases with each patient will occupy me.
The procedures are tasks you have to do while on duty as a registered nurse. It is important to do the right procedures as a nurse because you want to make sure the patient gets better as soon as possible.“Registered nurses perform basic medical exams, assist doctors during medical procedures and monitor a patient’s progress” (Education Portal).The information in this article helped me make my decision because the procedures would be for a good cause. The profession of
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You have to acquire the right training and skills to care for the patients. “Many registered nurses enter the profession by earning an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). ADN programs are available at community and vocational colleges and typically last 2-3 years. They combine classroom instruction with hands-on training in hospitals, clinics or other healthcare settings” (Education Portal). There are actually more ways to become a registered nurse besides from going to vocational schools and completing a two year program. Most hospitals nowadays prefer for you to have a bachelors as well. It’s a difficult responsibility when you care for those ill patients, you must have the perfect quality education when you apply for this position. “Aspiring registered nurses may choose to gain more comprehensive training by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Registered nurses who have acquired diplomas or associate degrees are more likely to pursue a bachelor's degree. I decided to earn my bachelors because I want to learn as much as I possibly can. I want to be indefinitely hired no matter what hospital I apply
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