A Career As A Career In The Finance Sector

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My chosen sector is finance sector. First of all, nowadays financial transaction tends to complex, comprehensive and break the geographical limitation. Based on the condition social require professional finance sector to preserve social principle and finance sector become the indispensable part of social. Secondly, finance sector employment opportunities involve various fields, such as banking and building, Insurance, Trust industry and Accountancy. Diversity employment industry meaning more employment options and opportunities. In addition, the social demand for professional financial practitioners will be the driving force of employment in the finance sector.
The finance sector is an attractive employment sector. High salaries and rapid increase
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Firstly, engage accounting technician should understand this job’s basic functions. Accounting technician has two main functions: accounting and supervision. Whole accountant actions must be following with these two functions. Secondly, the accountant is an occupation which has tight connect with social, so people should recognize their responsibility. In 1980, the International Federation of accountants published "international accounting professional ethics code." the provisions of the integrity, objectivity, independence, confidentiality, technical standards, business capacity, moral self-discipline of the seven aspects of professional ethics(Epstein and Spalding, 1993). The last but not least, currently society is the era of knowledge explosion, knowledge update is bound to accelerate, to become a new century outstanding accounting personnel, but also to improve their knowledge. Now the accounting function has been beyond the previous category, and accounting functions will further to the deep development, accounting personnel should keep pace with the times, constantly broaden their knowledge. In addition to the basic professional knowledge and skills, to master English, computer, familiar with foreign-related contracts, foreign regulations and another knowledge should be taken for granted. For access accounting technician, I still have a long way to go. Accept accounting knowledge is the primary mission at…show more content…
Risk manager is a job which require multiple field knowledge and higher academic level, and the most important is having the calm mind can make the right analysis. Firstly, risk manager requires sufficient professional knowledge to support, if you want to enter enterprise successfully, you 'll have to acquire a strong college degree (2:2 least) (Allaboutcareers.com, 2016). Secondly, the risk manager need to have a strong sense of responsibility. Risk manager is in the environment of an absolute risk minimizing the risk of professional managers. A cool decision often can change the future of the enterprise, thus is responsible for their own analysis risk manager 's responsibility. Thirdly, Risk manager’s task is to analyse the economic situation, design investment projects. Thus, risk managers are different from other jobs, must have high comprehensive ability and level. Such as analytical ability, interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure (Colquitt, Hoyt and Lee, 1999). To access this job the tough barrier for me will be the work pressure and work experience. Risk managers always work under hyper pressure and make calm and rational analysis. That challenge is for people’s brain and solid theoretical basis, and these are what I lack nowadays. Another aspect about work experience that must accumulate from abundant practice to cultivate a professional behaviour. Meanwhile, I also have some opportunities to

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