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Career Research Paper: Athletic Trainer
Athletic Training is the career choice I have chosen. Being an athlete myself, there have been several instances where this career was witnessed first-hand. I have a very strong interest in this field and I would really enjoy helping other athletes. Becoming an Athletic Trainer would bring a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I would be partly responsible for the well-being of the athletes in my care. In addition, this career field has a strong employment outlook and it allows for other opportunities to become available. Pairing these reasons together, with the passion that I have for sports, an Athletic Trainer career would suit me perfectly. To become a certified Athletic Trainer, one must graduate
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These stages would be completed throughout the student's career (Majors and More 1). The preparation stage is where the student “enrolls in general education and introductory coursework”. This stage allows the student to “explore the athletic training field to ensure that he/she wants to pursue the field” (Majors and More 1). The clinical stage then becomes a little more complex. This stage requires a formal admission during the student's sophomore year (Majors and More 1). If admission is not successful, then the student will select a different major. In effort to make the biggest impact on the Community as possible, it is valuable to Winthrop that the Institution provide training services to its students and athletes. In addition, the program is genuinely concerned for the student-athlete and they “have a desire to help them return to competition in the shortest amount of time”, (Athletic Training 1). The Athletic Training program at Winthrop is “accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education”, and “the program received its accreditation in 2004 and was reaccredited in 2010”, (Majors and More 1). In terms of job placement after completion of this course, the three-year average success rating is 92% (Athletic Training 1). Courses required for this career would include, but not limited to:…show more content…
According to Salary By State, the trend of growth of Athletic Trainers shows steady growth and interest every year. The average salary reported in 2010 was $42,000 per year and the number of jobs were expected to grow by 30% between 2010 - 2020. The Athletic Trainer in South Carolina only averages $36,000 per year and the job postings are 10% lower than average trainer salary jobs nationwide (Demand for Athletic Trainers 2013 Archives 1). Some of the factors to consider that may affect the demand and salary can be found on the College-University Model provided by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. The purpose of the model is to provide a valuable resource for the College or University, and also provide strategies for the athletic trainers. Based on the Medical Services Model, which are the services provided by a healthcare professional, the metrics or individuals may include active or inactive student athletes, faculty and staff or coaches and their families. Other factors may include after-hours/on call consultation, diagnostic testing, exclusive medical contracts with local hospitals or

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