A Career As A Cardiologist

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The career that I want to pursue is to be a cardiologist. A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in all things heart including the blood vessels. This means that if a patient went to visit their primary physician and the physician detected a problem with the patient’s heart. The physician will then give a referral to the patient so that the patient can go to a cardiologist. The cardiologist will then will review the patient history and perform many tests such as a physical exam, ECG (electro cardiogram), blood test and an X-ray. Base on the results and the symptoms the patient is having the cardiologist can then diagnose and then treat the patient whether it’s through medicine or changing their lifestyle. Cardiologist are non-invasive…show more content…
I also try to speak to as much cardiologist that I can talk to ask them for any advice in regards to what step to take. The most important step that I’ve taken was trying to build a strong foundation in math and science. The reason why I try to make these two field my strongest is because they are the used in every classes that I will have to take for my major. They will also be used every day as a cardiologist because I would have to be able to prescribe medication to my patients and also know their side effects. In those subject I’ve also taken the harder classes in them such as AP biology and AP statistic. These classes challenged me to work harder than the average student and to have a better balancing system when it comes to juggling my classes and other activities. Not only did I focus on juggling all my classes, I got a job because in college I’ll be working and I feel like I if I start to practice now it will also help me. The job that I got was working in a clinic, this is helping me prepare for my career because I eventually want to open my own private practice and being in a clinic environment I will get the experiences
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