A Career And Your Favorite Part Of Being A Pediatric Nurse

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Another career field that I am interested in is pediatric,so I believe that this career field best fits me. Always wanted to help other people, since I was little, now I would like to help kids feel better so one day they can grow up healthy and do great things in their lives.
On-the-job tasks for a pediatric nurse are: daily check up routines, administrator medicine, give vaccine and shots, and help the doctor as directed. For a pediatric nurse: a minimum of associate's degree, a required state nursing license, nursing diploma, and bachelor's degree. It takes around four to five years to become a pediatric nurse.
The first step in becoming a pediatrician is to earn a bachelor degree. Second would be to get into a medical school and graduate from there with a Medical Doctor (M.D.) The third step would be to earn a license by passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination. The fourth step would be after
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The questions I asked: (1)What is your favorite part of being a pediatrician?(2) How long did you go to school for? (3)What are some of the educational requirements to become a pediatrician?(4) How many hours does she work a week?(5) What was the biggest challenge you had to face when becoming a pediatrician? She answered by saying: (1)Her favorite part of being a pediatrician is seeing the kids that she is able to help being happy, especially when the patient's guardian comes in with a concerned face, but leaves with relief, and sometimes even a smile.(2) Jaspreet went to school after high school for 10.5 years.(3)Some educational requirements are completing bachelors, going for four years of medical school, residency, and getting the license.(4) Jaspreet works 40-50 hours a week.(5) She says the biggest challenge was medical school because she was really stressed with the workload, but she was eventually able to

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