A Career And Career Goals In Becoming A Plastic Surgeon

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Becoming a Plastic Surgeon can be very hectic not knowing what is needed to be a successful Surgeon. In this paper I will provide you with the overview of a plastic surgeon, the education requirements in perusing a surgical career, and the traits and skills required for this career. I also be able to go in detail with traits that I feel need to be improve for this field. Learning from the information I research I will be able to provide a brief summary of my career goals and how Kaplan University will be able to help me with my five year plans. Overview of a Plastic Surgeon With Plastic Surgeons having the opportunity to help and change others in life. There yearly salary is about $350,000. From 2012-2022 Plastic surgeons are expected to grow about eighteen percent. Leading to the different fields for cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery or hand surgery. Plastic surgeons can work in a hospital or a private office setting. They are usually working or correcting physical deformities, reconstructing body parts and preforming cosmetic surgery while using varieties of surgical instruments. Education Requirements and Certification Education for a Plastic Surgeon…show more content…
First I will get a bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Within those four years of school I will also have a minor in biology and will be participating in extracurricular activities. While in school I will be working in the medical field setting as I do now. Once completing my bachlors degree I will take the (MCAT) Medical College Admissions test to be able to attend medical school. I plan to attend Chapel Hill University where I can have two years of classroom training in science and two years of clinical rotations. Once finished I will earn a Medical Doctor degree. I will have my license to be able to start practice but before that I will complete a residency for 3 years. I will work under other surgeons to gain my experience and name with in the

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