A Car as a Status Symbol

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A status symbol is a possession that indicates the owner's social position in the community. With cars, you wear your status on the road. Everyone is capable of being able to identify which ones are the most expensive. The brand marking is clear. Luxury cars have been among the most idolized status symbols, in recent times. Are cars just machines used for getting from place to place, or are they more than that? Are they a way to make yourself be seen by society? In today's society, cars seem to be becoming more and more as a simple status symbol. While looking around, driving around town, you wouldn't think that the owner of that brand new, 2014 Nissan Skyline GTR R35 was actually the local school janitor. You think you would have an idea of what kind of individual would be in the driver's seat, which would more than likely be someone that has a much larger income than what the school janitor receives. The janitor may not be the most wealthiest individual in town, he could be just smart with spending his money and being able to keep up comfortably with the payments on this $109,000 car, including his insurance bills. Of course, many people buy expensive cars, even if they can't afford it, just to project an image, wealth or importance. These people search for comments about their car and they want others to recognize them as being wealthy, whether or not they actually are. Though, not all wealthy people prefer driving such expensive cars. Some individuals just want a vehicle that is comfortable for themselves and their lifestyle. A younger, newer driver may prefer a brand new Mercedes or a vehicle along those lines of sporty, while someone older, with a family, may prefer something bigger and more roomy, such as an SUV. Besides bu...

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... every single individual around me. No one should have to worry if they'll fit in or not all because of the car that they drive. They shouldn't be ashamed to drive around town in the second-hand Honda Civic, as long as the vehicle gets you from point A to point B, safely, it should not matter what you drive. Status symbols may change in value or meaning over time. For example, before the invention of printing press, having a large collection of books was considered a status symbol. As the years went by, books and literacy became more popular in our society and more common among average citizens, so a private library became less-rarefied as a status symbol. In due time, cars may become what books have. Maybe one day people won't have to feel the need to hide behind lies and exaggeration to try to impress someone of a higher class than them by the type of car they own.
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