A Call for Change

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Throughout history, American always went after what they needed or wanted, determination is the American way. If fledgling colonies needed more food to support families, we cultivated more crops; if we needed more supplies, we mass produced until needs were met. Yet, if a new idea turned out to be corrupt, then the thought was discontinued and effaced from our memories. In today’s twenty first century, an idea from the past has become crooked and is needed no longer. A fashion of punishment might have benefited society in past generations, but the human race is always advancing and improving; therefore, a change must occur to keep enhancing humanity. One change must be capital punishment. I propose the United States’ government must stop trying to avoid murder by committing murder and the ultimate punishment should be prison for life with no chance of parole. In 2010, 558 Americans in Georgia were murdered by other citizens, fifty-two Georgian civilians were put to death by our own government (Crime); both results are the death of an American citizen; the only difference is murder is illegal unless the government is holding the gun. Many people believe the death penalty is a deterrent to future crimes, but numerous people think differently. The public view has been shown in polls about capital punishment and the majority would choose punishment over death (Factsheet). Even though the bulk of the population is pro life, thirty four states allow the death penalty as the highest punishment as long as the procedure is done humanly. Even though the death penalty does not technically violate government laws, many people question if the government should have the authority to kill someone or what happens if the person sentenced to death... ... middle of paper ... ...the past, abolish the punishment the government holds over our heads, and abolish capital punishment. Works Cited Horwitz, Elinor Lander. Capital punishment, U.S.A. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincot Company, 1973. Print. Arthur Koestler Cesare Beccaria “Facts about the Death Penalty.” Death Penalty Information Center. October 28, 2010: Web. November 7, 2011 “State by State Database.” Death Penalty Information Center. Web. November 7, 2011 “Financial Facts About the Death Penalty” Death Penalty Information Center. Web. November 7, 2011 “Crime in the United States, by State, 2010” U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2010. Web. December 4, 2011 “Public Opinion: Gallup Poll Reports Lowest Support for Death Penalty in Nearly 40 Years” Death Penalty Information Center. Gallup, October 13, 2011.Web. December 4, 2011 Thoreau-lit book
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