A Bucket List

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A Bucket List.

Three Things I Want to do Before I Die.

A bucket list. I’m sure everyone knows what this list is composed of, but if not, it’s a list that is composed of the things one wants to do before they die. There’s all sorts of crazy things on this list, and there are also a bunch of simple things on this list. For example, someone may have on their list, sky diving and also have, owning a house. The extreme things on these list seem to have a fear factor, everyone wants to do something that they’re deathly afraid of and gets their adrenaline running. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, everyone dies and making the most of it is in my opinion the best thing to do. Three things I want to accomplish before I die are: be successful,
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Although, kids can be awful sometimes, I think it’d be nice to have kids of my own, or better yet have a child of my own. I think that being able to raise my own child would be nice, but I do not want one until I’m able to live on my own and able to support another human being. I do not want more than two though, two is the maximum and even then I think it’d be too much, many people think that the child may get lonely. But, honestly they’ll have plenty of cousins to play with. Raising a child would be a great thing to do, but I need to go out and experience the world before I even think about having…show more content…
I do not know exactly everything that I want on this bucket list, but I do know three of the things on this list. Being successful, is at the top of the list, I’d like to be an independent adult, and not turn out, to be thirty and still living in my parents basement. I’d like to be able to see the world, learn about different cultures, the world is so big, it’d be nice to know more about it. Lastly, I’d like to be able to raise a child, but before I do that I’d like to get myself settled down. Many people don’t know what they have on their bucket list and that’s okay, because death is a very touchy subject, but knowing what you want to accomplish in advance feels better when you’re able to check it

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