A Brief Note On Youtube Fame And Its Effects On Society

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YouTube fame can really be all that it’s cracked up to be - money, attention, and a celebrity status. And it’s becoming easier daily to reach that level of stardom; it’s becoming more common for people to have the needed equipment to achieve this fame and there’s an abundance of viewers, over a billion a day (Statistics). A video can rise from zero to over a 50 million views in one day, shooting vloggers and other YouTube fanatics to celebrity status in less than a day. Once they reach that point, it’s easier than thought to make some big bucks - sponsors and other “donors” crawl out of the woodwork. YouTube fame opens doors both socially and financially and allows ordinary people to make millions just by posting videos on the popular video site. YouTubers can make money in a variety of ways. The most common way for them to make money is through ads featured as banners across the bottom of their viewing window. These ads are provided through Google’s ad service, called Google AdSense. Once a YouTuber decides they would like to make money by allowing ads on their videos, they are required to make an AdSense account, then go to their YouTube account’s monetization page. From there, a link is provided to go to Google AdSense. Once they visit that page, they are asked to authorize a link between AdSense and their YouTube account (AdSense). After authorization, the accounts are officially linked and the YouTuber can start collecting advertising fees. Once people begin viewing ads linked to the YouTuber’s video, the YouTuber gets paid proportionally. There are two differently paying categories - CPC (Cost per Click) and CPV (Cost per View) - which are also different modes of ads. CPC requires the ad viewer to actually click on the ba... ... middle of paper ... ...eted down after a short time. The demonetization controversy will follow suit and YouTubers will go back to their happy work lives as online stars. YouTube provides many opportunities for vloggers and other enthusiasts to make money but sometimes causes controversy. Google AdSense provides a way to make money proportional to the amount of viewers who access the advertisement. Sponsorships allow more famous bloggers to make money, try out new products, and give reviews; websites like FameBit allow less popular YouTubers to get their own sponsorships. Roman Atwood’s abundance of subscribers allows him to monopolize the YouTube industry. The YouTube demonetization controversy is affecting YouTubers like him but will blow over in the near future. YouTube’s bustling online industry provides entertainment for the world and a means of living for the people who make it work.

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