A Brief Note On Unintentional Injury And Violence

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Sharifah Leben Dr. Tolbert Literature Review 26 February 2016 Literature Review Unintentional injury and violence is one of the leading causes of death among all people. Each year millions of people get admitted into the emergency department with some type of injury. This type of issue can lead to billions of dollars in medical expenses and productivity loss in the workplace. Most people believe that accidents just happen, but in reality most injuries are preventable. Violence with adolescents has seen an increase in this area due to matters like dating violence, bullying, and sexual abuse. There are many programs that are out there to help teach ways to prevent injuries and violence. Some are very effective to get the message across, while other programs need a lot more work in order for them to work. When talking about unintentional injuries, so many factors contribute to the topic. Areas including falls, poisoning, crashes, and burns play a huge part in the amount of cases that get treated at the emergency department on a regular basis. The public need to have access to prevention at their fingertips otherwise they would not go looking for the information that can possibly save their lives. One of the biggest causes of unintentional injury is motor vehicle crashes with can be avoided most of the times. When it comes to adolescents they are known to be very distracted while operating a car. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2013 there were 33,804 deaths caused by motor vehicle, 2,163 teens killed and over 240,000 of them hospitalized. Teens have so much going against them when driving like speeding, drinking, texting, not wearing a seatbelt, and not being able to assess situations in a timel... ... middle of paper ... ... step in this dilemma. Unintentional injury and violence can be preventive but not without the right tools. So many different preventions or interventions are available but not known to most. In a time like this technology is a huge way to spread the word. Companies need to target places they know adolescents would notice and actually use the help. Many of these programs focuses on an individual and that is what the structure is based off. What needs to happen more often is group information because having a good support system can make the help so much easier. Also having information in various languages for those who do not speak English would expand it to much more, and by giving parents the tools they need to educate themselves as well as the youths. For these programs to be effective these are some of the steps that need to happen in order for that to be done.

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