A Brief Note On Social Discrimination And Discrimination

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In your own words, describe social discrimination. Personally, I will describe social discrimination as the unfair, unequal and often negative treatment of a person, or group of people, based on a perceived character, trait, attitude, sex, race, religion or some other characteristics. At work, have you found yourself having biases with one of your patients? Is this a form of discrimination? I remember a certain incidence towards one of my patients recently. The patient was a very muscular male, about 6’ 2”, 280 pounds and very loud when I came into his room the first time. My first reaction was to place him in a category of big tough bullies, who will shout their way into getting what they want. I interacted with him based on that perceived notion. It turned out, he was just angry at a certain ill-treatment he had earlier received. After I attended to his grievance and alleviated his fears, he turned out to be a very nice, almost soft-spoken man, who was a gym-instructor, hence the rippling muscles. We ended up as fast friends, and all through his stay in the hospital, I was his f...

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