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Word Microsoft Corporation USE APP 1 / 3 Unit 2. Working in the Science Industry Assignment 3. Part A. 1. How would you transfer old written documents (e.g.) Health and Safety records) into the LIMS? Most old documents are hand written but now we rely on electronic copy as it is easier to find using the search button rather than looking through stacks of old paper documents, one by one.Old documents such as images and files can be scanned and uploaded onto the system, in a PDF format or word format and old data such as order lists, which used to be kept in a log book, can be put in spreadsheet format such as Excel, in a folder, with a clear name to show what the investigation is about.This is done as computer data takes up less space than paper data, is stored in a secured way and it can be easily accessible to staff members such as the curriculum manager and learning advisor who would like to read the old written documents. They will be the only people who can manipulate the document if it is in spreadsheet format. This will be saved onto the department storage file where other staff members can only read the information but not manipulate it. If it is PDF format then it cannot be changed at all but if it is in word format then it can be changed. The format is chosen depending on if it requires any changes or not. 2. When you receive samples or specimens at the lab, how do you enter the details? This can be accessed by the learning advisor and the finance department so that the learning advisor can check the samples before use and then authorise for payment to the finance department.The specimens can be written in a spreadsheet format(e.g. Excel) in order to note down the data easily and manipulate the ... ... middle of paper ... ...for risks before practical 's. 3 / 3 Part B. You must create a simple flow cart to explain the processes involved in storing information in a scientific workplace. Your flow chart must show the stages involved in the process, from delivery of a test sample to the laboratory, to the electronic dispatch of the completed report to the customer. You must show how data is kept secure and confidential using a LMIS Part C. Create a power point discussing the advantages gained by keeping data and records on a laboratory management information system. You should consider * Ease of storing information * Ease of sharing information * Security of information * The speed of sharing information * Ease of access * Ease of updating records * Allocation and monitoring of work schedules You should support the points you make with appropriate examples.

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