A Brief Note On Health And Environmental Damage

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Health and environmental damage are two negative consequences of globalisation which I find fascinating - in the sense that they both have the potential to wipe out the human race, and in the sense that they have interesting solutions that could be implemented. I have already discussed global health issues during the Week Seven assignments, so I will focus on the consequences of environmental damage, how it could affect humans negatively, and what could be done to improve our current situation. I think environmental damage is truly a problem for the world, because it affects everybody who lives on the planet. The effect that one group of people have on the environment is not something that is localised - it can have adverse effects on people elsewhere as well, thousands of kilometers away. Environmental degradation is described on Wikipedia (2016a) as the exhaustion of natural resources and the destruction of the natural environment. Wikipedia (2016a) further states that the three main causes of the issue are the increasing number of people in the world, economic growth, and the use of technologies that use non-renewable resources, or create pollution. These three causal factors are interrelated. An increase in the human population marks an increase in the demand for food, water, housing, and other modern necessities, such as clothes and electricity. This increase in demand bolsters economic growth which, at the moment, involves the use of destructive or pollutive technologies in activities such as mining, deforestation, fracking, and farming. This is a problem for the whole world, because environmental degradation is not sustainable and, if uncontrolled, could result in a world that is uninhabitable for us. As humans, I thi... ... middle of paper ... ...y allow us to live symbiotically with nature - a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I pointed out two companies that were working towards providing technologies to improve the sustainability of our lives in the discussion forum - Tesla Motors and ReGen Villages - but there are also other technologies, such as the development of nuclear fusion energy, which comes with the benefits of energy abundance without carbon or radioactive waste. I think we should definitely invest in these sorts of technologies more, because I believe it is the only way for humankind to continue existing in an environment that is healthy. We can keep trying to reduce our negative impacts on the environment, but I think we would be hard-pressed to control the situation in this manner as our population increases over time. I think we need truly to find a way to co-exist with the planet.
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