A Brief Note On Business Communication Growth And The Three Step Writing Process

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Recapitulating Achieved Business Communication Growth Communicating effectively in a business environment is integral to ensuring that senders are able to convey the information appropriately as well as illicit a desired response from an audience, in addition to the audience understanding the information and obtaining a propitious result. Whether it be appropriated using various digital media channels, such as a report, proposal or presentation, or even in the form of a resume for a job candidate, these communication skills are essential. However, to communicate with adeptness, certain elements such as communicating as a professional, taking an audience-centered approach and by employing the three-step writing process must be exercised. In this class, I was not only able to utilize different mediums of communicating, but I also engaged in the planning, crafting and completion aspects of it as well. As a result, I learned to communicate effectively in various business environments, as well as in multifaceted situations. Business Communication and the Three-step Writing Process As individuals, communication is something we’ve all needed to do in life to express our desires and achieve our goals. From the time we were born, we’ve had to learn to communicate with others effectively in order to live more productive and fulfilling lifestyles. In business communication environments, the ability to develop this connection with each other is brought to a much higher level. In fact, Bovee & Thill (2016) noted that, improving your communication skills may be the single most important step you can take in your career” (p. 4). Early on in this class, I discovered that there is more to communication than just sending and receiving. In the basi... ... middle of paper ... ...ll be giving my best, honoring God and therefore communicating His image to others (Boden, 2014, para. 3). As can be seen, this class provided the groundwork for effective business communication as both sender and receiver in the basic communication model. Employing the three-step writing process as well as being audience-centered, allows for a more engaging communication that can be delivered using various devices such as business letters, reports, presentations and even resumes and cover letters. My experience has encouraged me to improve in areas such as understanding the communication model, establishing a work plan, listening, cultural competency, and the planning, writing and completion of various mechanisms in the communication process. As a result, I have become a more effective communicator, not only in business situations, but in private endeavors as well.

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