A Brief Note On Bioterrorism

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The definition of the bioterrorism are refers to the people who release of the bacteria, virus and other microorganisms on purposes which known as biological agents, the purposes is to let human, animal or plant pathogenic death. Formulation is substantially derived from nature, but is likely to be cultured to produce some changes to make it enhanced pathogenic, access to existing pharmaceutical resistance or the ability to increase the spread in the environment. Bioterrorism the word comes from bio- and terrorism. Bio- is a combining form meaning “life,” “living organism,” “biology”. English "terror " the word comes from the Latin verb "terrere", which mean " fear ". Use biological agents as a weapon against opponents this concept can be traced back to much earlier in the 19th century to produce pathogenic bacteria theory before Roman, Greek and Persian civilization era and the Middle Ages. At that time people was thought the foul odor was spread of disease, they thrown the corrupt fetid carcasses into the water, attempting through contaminated drinking water system and lead to other opponents of illness, the twelfth century Italians Barbarossa contaminated the drinking water sources with human corrupt corpses. And this old method used until the American Civil War. In 19th century, the biological warfare was become more general. During World War II, some countries began more interest in biological warfare research program. Japan command biological weapons research from 1932 until the end of World War II. They used prisoners who caught in the war for an experiment and many of these prisoners died as a direct effect of experimental inoculation of agents causing gas gangrene, dysentery, anthrax, cholera, meningococcal infection ... ... middle of paper ... ...ork, strengthening routine health emergency preparedness, early warning and rapid improve forecasting ability to deal effectively promote live epidemiological investigation and laboratory testing skills enhancement. If humans overcome the virus make us proud, then history of human use viral internecine let human shame. When humans began grasp a lot to knowledge of pathogenic viruses and bacteria and the evil people also begun to think of using viruses and bacteria as a tool to kill people. War breeds evil of mankind, but also nourish a lot of evil tool. Used bacteria and viruses as a weapon of war , although has been banned by the International Convention on the use virus and bacteria of the subject in the war, but the terrorists and will not be bound. The world began to realize that biological warfare is prohibited does not mean that bioterrorism is prohibited.
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