A Brief History of the ANcient Roman Empire

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Ancient Romans lives revolved around their city. Romans were very skilled workers, builders, worshipers, and people in general. Romans had various festivals, some good, and some bad. Although, Rome is still known to be one of the best cities in the world, and it wouldn’t have gotten on the list if it weren’t for the people of ancient Rome.
Romans were possibly the most skilled builders when it came to building their arena and baths. The romans built their buildings with arches to support more weight than those of the Greeks, who used posts and lintel (a beam supported by two columns); this meant that the romans could build on a greater scale than the Greeks and how the romans were known for their skillful building techniques. One example that showed the romans building skills for their architecture was the Baths of Caracalla, a huge enclosed open area. In the first century B.C. the romans developed concrete, which could be shaped into just about any form such as arches, domes and vaults. Architectures used the concrete to support terraces. With the help of the concrete, this helped the romans build very large structures; such as The Temple of Fortune at Praeneste for example, which was built around 80 B.C.
Art was a significant deal in Ancient Rome. Romans used a great amount of sculpted decorations to magnify their architecture. These “decorations” included columns placed along walls of buildings, but many of these styles were copied from those of the Greeks. Surprisingly many Greek forms were put on the face of roman buildings without any practical reason for being there (Roman Art and Architecture, 24 Apr. 2014)
Sculpting wasn’t only Rome’s form of art; Romans also had a significant amount of painting. Although painting is...

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...ble tunic became common in all society.
Romans were some of the most skillful when it came to their civilization. They built a great city and where very skillful when it came to running the ancient city of Rome. Rome today wouldn’t be known for its amazing background and beauty without the talent of the romans who made the magnificent city.

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