A Brief History of Walmart

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There are not many stores where you can buy a flat screen tv, sneakers, tonight's dinner and diapers in the same store, also at a low price everyday. Walmart has a way of working their business in a way where they can give you a one stop store and it be very cheap. There are other stores like that such as Costcos, BJay's, Sams Club but the problem with those stores is you need a membership just to shop in their stores and you dont have to have one in Walmart. A store that is also similar is Kmart but the price range is the bigger difference. Just like anything else in the world there are pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages. In the long run Walmart which is one of the largest businesses and the number one employer with 3,700 locations and 1.2 million employees is good for the overall socioeconomic health of America. If it wasn't it wouldnt be as big as it is now. Walmart was founded in 1962 by a man named Sam Walton. He had this goal for great service to the customers and and great value. He believed he could become a great leader with the service that he could provide for the people. In Kingfisher, Oklahoma Walton was born in 1918. Walton had a store before Walmart, it was Walton's 5&10. So he had retail experience and knew how to run a business. The first Walmart was built in Roger, Arkansas at the age of 44. Walton was a smart thinker, just like the other businesses trying to be sucessful he wanted to make money. Unlike the others he had a another concept. He believed that he would be sucessul if he sold his items at a low price. Many thought that this idea would never follow through. The aspirations of this company became greater than he expected. He had a way of speaking that made the associates want to expand ... ... middle of paper ... ...iness down they should brin thier business up and fix the problem that in this case Walmart couldnt figure out. Walmart is good for America because just to fix all that is wrong that Walmart is doing it makes it so that America has to make an effort to change and have to follow rules and go by the regulation. Walmart was made to make great money fast and Walmart stayed because no one realized what they were doing. This Walmart can only end in three ways it can either be left the same and the business itself booms bigger than it was before and all other businesses end up shutting down. Or it can et shut down and 1.2 million workers can become unemployed. Lastly other business owners can take charge make a change and make thier businesses better and not force people out of Walmart but make their business better than Walmart that people wont want to shop there anymore.

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