A Brief History of Sudan and South Sudan

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South Sudanese independence thus far has been quite detrimental than beneficial to the people of South Sudan. On July 9, 2011, the 54th African state was born. Independence was fought to fight challenges that, as part of Sudan it endured for 56 years; however its current state has brought about challenges from within . This essay will discuss a brief history of Sudan and South Sudan and then analyse President Salva kiir’s speech in contrast to Former Nelson Mandelas’.
In 1956 Sudan gained independence from the ruling of Britain, since the two civil wars have been experienced. The Addis Ababa peace agreement was signed by General Nimeiri due to the Anyanya war which was fought till 1972. The peace agreement signed was that the South has autonomy, however this came to a halt when North Sudan imposed the Islamic values onto an already diverse land, which led to the South Sudan to retaliation . Colonel John Garang of Sudan’s’ army established the SPLA/M (Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement) in 1980. Salva Kiir was part of the SLPA and later became Garangs’ chief of staff. In 2005, Sudan’s president Al-Bashir appointed John Garang to be the first vice president of Sudan, he therefore became the first Christian southerner to be in a high place of authority. Garang supported peace talks between north and south so to become one country but Kiir was for independence. In 2005 Kiir took leadership of SPLM after the death of Colonel John Garang and then became the vice president of Sudan . Kiir saw this as an opportunity to bring about an end to the suffering and discrimination endured the southerners since 1953 .
The analysis of President Salva Kiir’s speech is as follows, looking at the important points mentioned; the fallen martyrs an...

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