A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking

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A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking is a novel about the known range of time from the big bang up to black holes. Hawking talks about different theories and how they have changed over time from Copernicus to himself. He combines all known physics and astrophysics and displays them quickly and simply. He states that the goal of science is to able to accurately describe the universe in one theory. As he tells about theories that have disproved other theories of that time, it is proof that science is an ever-changing.
About 13.8 billion years have passed and only in the past 100 years have humans even come close to figuring out how it started. Georges Lemaitre was the first to propose the idea of the ‘big bang theory’ as the creation of the universe. the big bang theory states that all matter in the universe was originally condensed into an area smaller than the ball of a ballpoint pen and the radius rapidly expanded at a rate of one million million million million million times in less than a millionth of a second. That idea is generally accepted by most scientists, but not all scientists agree. Some scientists have created various other creation theories. Such as the steady state theory which was unveiled in 1948 by two men by the names of Hermann Bondi and Thomas Gold. Bondi and Gold had worked with Fred Hoyle to create this theory. The steady State theory suggested that galaxies were constantly moving away from each other and in between the galaxies, new galaxies would form out of newly created matter keeping the universe semi-uniform in appearance. But the steady state theory was short-lived due to new scientific discoveries, like microwave radiation. But the origin of the universe is still highly debated. One thing scie...

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...me or anti-matter more and string theory, I do not understand string theory. It was interesting to learn about his life throughout this book. I did not really understand particle spin concept. It was cool to see how much has changed in just twenty five years, I would love to see an update on the ideas presented in this book. Steven Hawking is one of the smartest people to ever live, let alone a physicist. It was a rather inspiring life story too because his parents were educated but not rich, he went to college and despite his disease he developed, he still went on to be an excellent physicist and be internationally recognized as a genius. It was great that he had an index and glossary to go back and re-read certain sections I did not get the first time. I can not wait to see what scientific developments will come in the future!

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