A Brief Biography on Ulysses Grant

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Hiram Ulysses Grant was born on April 27, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He spent most of his childhood in Georgetown, Ohio. When he was old enough his father enrolled him at West Point in 1839. He was not in favor of this decision but did as he was told and arrived there anxiously due to his embarrassing initials of H.U.G, he then changed his name to Ulysses Hiram Grant to avoid the suffering. His congressman confused Grant with his brother Simpson and had appointed him as Ulysses S. Grant. The army insisted that Ulysses S. Grant, had been appointed, and eventually Grant just went with it. Grant wrote to a congressman addressing the manner stating “In answer to your letter of a few days ago asking what ’S’ stands for in my name I can only state nothing.” Ulysses S. Grant (president of United States) In 1843 Grant graduated middle of his class. While at West Point, he developed a liking for novels that exuded a special talent for math. Appointed a brevet second lieutenant in the Fourth United States Infantry, Grant served with distinction in the Mexican War. After fighting in several major battles, Grant believed that the war was unjust and thought that he should have resigned his commission instead of participating. Grant married Julia Dent on August 22, 1848 after he was introduced to her in 1843 by her brother who was one of Grants West Point classmates while at the Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. However, their romance was put on hold due to The Mexican War. After the war they had four children, Frederick Dent, Ulysses S., Jr., Ellen Wrenshall, and Jesse Root, Jr. A devoted husband and father Grant was a devoted father and husband and family always came first. After his long and triumphant life Grand died on July 23, 1885 in M... ... middle of paper ... ... American dream is all about. He was a man of tremendous honor, humility, humanity, and courage. He often did things that he was not in favor of doing, but did them knowing it was the right thing to do. I find him very appealing because he just kind of went with the flow. Now obviously he didn’t all the time , but he had tremendous character and would do as he was told and I think the is the quality of a great soldier and it obviously was because look what he achieved. I do also think that he got the a bad rep for his second term because he was not part of the scandal and didn’t know what was going on. That being said I do find that his even though he disliked politics he still ran for a third term to be very odd. I do realize that he was trying to find something to do but I would think he would stay away from politics based off of what happened in his second term.
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