A Brief Biography of Julius Caesar

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A legacy lives on! Principate Imperator Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, took the Roman Empire by force in 44 BC when Julius was brutally murdered. Thrown into the harsh world of politics at only the age of 19 (12), Augustus took Rome by storm and ruled as emperor from about 27 BC to 14 AD (Britannica). Emperor Augustus, a beloved father figure of Rome, influenced the Roman Empire positively. He did this by bringing Rome in to the age of Pax Romana, rebuilding it into an empire of marble and reforming the Roman government.
Known as the first Emperor of Rome, Augustus reformed the government to have a one all-powerful ruler in order to bring stability back to the Empire. Augustus’s real name was Octavius or Octavian Caesar, but changed it to Augustus when he became principate. He came into a role of power because his great-uncle, Julius Caesar, made Augustus his adopted son (12). When Julius was stabbed to death in 44 BC, 19-year-old Augustus (vroma), went to Rome to collect his inheritance as the direct heir of Julius (Divine). Augustus created a new triumvirate with two other men when he went to Rome: Mark Antony, a close friend of Julius, and Marcus Lepidus, a general in Julius’s army (12). The first thing that Augustus did with his new power, was pursue revenge for his uncle’s death. The triumvirate hunted down the conspirators to Greece (PBS), where they waged a war against Brutus and Cassius at Phillipi and defeated them in two battles (12). After defeating the conspirators of Julius’s death, Antony and Augustus pushed Marcus Lepidus aside so that they could have more power for themselves. After they had shoved Marcus Lepidus out of the picture, the alliance between Antony and Augustu...

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...stus’s last words were: “Have I not played my part well?” (Forum). He was worshiped and praised as god, and adored and cherished by his citizens. Rome was once again at the height of its glory because of Augustus’s efforts by reforming the governmental system to have one strong center of power. Furthermore because of this, Augustus created Pax Romana which led to the prosperity of Rome’s economy, and he made sure to restore the city’s magnificence by rebuilding it up to par so that no one in the Mediterranean could doubt Rome’s power. Augustus shot through Rome like a blazing hot inferno. He started as just a nineteen-year old boy who was nothing more than Julius Caesar’s heir, to one of the most powerful if not the most powerful man in the world of his time. Augustus Casear definitely earned the title of Rome’s first Emperor and played his part to the fullest.
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