A Brief Biography of John Deere

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John Deere was born in Vermont in 1804. His father went to England to find a job in 1808 and never came back, so he was primarily raised by his mother with his three brothers and his one sister. He was an educated man, and had always been fascinated with blacksmithing. At the age of 17, Deere got his first apprenticeship as a blacksmith in Middlebury. He was so talented, that with just a three year apprenticeship he was able to gain so much knowledge and start his own blacksmith company in 1825. Blacksmithing in Vermont wasn’t as substantial as in the West because the soil wasn’t as hard, so when Deere’s business wasn’t flourishing he packed up and moved to the West. Before he moved, Deere married his first wife Demarius Lamb in 1827 where they soon had five kids. After Demarius’ death, Deere married again to another woman named Lucinda Lamb in 1867, having four children with her. Deere moved to the West in the 1830’s to Great Detour, Illinois. Since that part of Illinois didn’t have blacksmiths, Deere quickly got to work. Deere had barely settled, yet he was already becoming famo...
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